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Ring Training Video Guide

A getting started ring training video including a montage of beginners exercise clips.

Ring Training Facts
Train Anywhere
  • Rafters \ Beams
  • Pull-up Bar
  • Using an Eye Bolt
  • Trees \ Park Equipment
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What is Ring Training?
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We believe ring training is the next big thing in fitness and strength development and from this perspective we are providing a ring training exercise resource for the layman, not the gymnast. We consider this form of workout in terms of the health and fitness benefits you will undoubtedly find by putting its methods into practice.

Ring training is a form of bodyweight exercise using gymnastics rings. It's a highly challenging form of training, but in return - the benefits are far in excess of any other traditional exercise routine.

As a beginner, spend 2 minutes ring training and you will develop a new found respect for the gymnast. The level of strength and bodily control required to perform even the most basic of gymnastics routines is immense, which is why gymnastics rings training is one of the most challenging disciplines any athlete can undergo.

The same principles can be applied to the average man, those who are dedicated to fitness, to building strength, muscle mass, flexibility and want to have fun doing it. We are passionate about fitness, and when we discovered ring training, it redefined how we work out and is now a staple part of our exercise regime.

The benefits of training with rings is obvious to anyone who has seen the physique of a gymnast, which speaks for itself really. It takes incredible strength, and flexibility to workout using rings, and so in-turn helps to develop your strength, your muscle definition and overall fitness. It's particularly effective for developing the core body and abdominals.

Why we like ring training... in a nutshell Why we like ring training... in a nutshell
  • Significant gains in upper body strength
  • Excellent abdominal workout and improvements in core strength
  • Novel training method that helps reduce boredom
  • Improved posture
  • A lifetime of challenges that is suitable for beginners and experts alike
  • Almost works the entire body / the variety of exercises
  • It can be a good plateau buster
  • More natural movement that makes it kinder on the joints
  • Its great for pull-ups, chin-ups and dips
  • Itís fun!

Now ring training is highly accessible to anyone as retailers are selling affordable rings designed for fitness rather than professional standards gymnastics rings, combining portability with one of the worlds oldest and most effective training modalities. These rings can be suspended from any stable structure, and are small and light-weight which means your ring training workouts can go where you do. Train from a tree, from the rafters in your garage, from the eye-bolt in your home gym or the climbing frames in your local park. Share in what ring training has to offer and establish a lifelong training partner that will keep you challenged forever.

Where do I start?

To start ring training, all you need is a set of rings, and a few exercises to learn the basics and kick-off your routine.

Visit our exercise directory to learn the manoeuvres and take a look at our ring training store to find the best rings and ring training accessories on the market today.

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